Who We Are?

Thanks For Visiting Fur Little Ones Home.

For years now we strive to produce the most-healthy and fun-loving puppies for pets. We are looking for responsible people to take one of our puppies into their home so as to love them and spoil them with all their needs. We take upon ourselves on giving our puppies owners as much support as they want or need in taking care of the puppy. 

We are dedicated to a continuous effort to obtain a more perfect puppies meeting the breed standards, conformation, health, and temperament are our priorities. We hope that you can find your next companion/family member at our Home. To be able to share the affection of such beautiful and smart little creatures is a blessing. We are very concerned about the type of homes our puppies will be going to as they are our major concern.

Puppy Care

We believe that our Teacup puppies should get the best of everything, nothing less would suffice here at Char’s –
— Sleepy time with soft cuddle beds
— Playtime with a large variety of toys to challenge the mind
— Exceptional veterinary care
— Carefully selected foods, vitamins, and treats
— Intensive routine grooming schedule including tooth brushing
— All the love any frenchies could want
— Loving home environment

My Kennel

Great care, planning, excellent feeding, regular grooming, de-worming, health examinations all vaccinations (as per vaccine manufacturer’s schedules) are adhered too. All of my Saint Bernard’s are well socialized with children, seniors, cats and other dogs. A few of my Saint Bernard’s even seem to have their own pets, ie: squirrels or wild birds. Saint Bernard’s are very loyal and loving dogs!

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